Vocal Motion

People, Music, Theatre and Environment

by llewtew

Posted from Zwijndrecht, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands.

VoMo Euro Tour 1 Get Involved

Dates now confirmed: 21/06/2012 to 21/07/2012 book your tour stop now!

A touring project, capturing and celebrating 21st century youth & community culture from around Europe.

Aiming to engage and record over 2012 people in 10 different countries using 1 man 1 mic 1 bike.

Demonstrating sustainable, low impact, transport the ‘Vocal Motion Euro Tour’ will deliver a chain of workshops, events and performances. Through the creative use of urban arts, theatre, audio/video production and social media, the project will provide an innovative and exciting platform for expression. To ensure the project has a lasting impact, hosts and partner organisations are needed.



This  project provides a unique opportunity for your community, using music, performance and production workshops to create a new form of inter-cultural dialogue. The length of each workshop can  vary from a couple of hours, through to intensive week long projects depending on the time and resources available to each organisation

These workshops and performances are flexible and adaptable to your requirements and can be held almost anywhere, providing a platform for groups to produce and perform their own material. They can include:

  • Composing, recording and producing lyrics, music and spoken word with a groups of up to 30. Equipment and software used includes Ableton, H4N recorder, Launch Pad and Boss loop pedal.
  • Acappella Beatboxing, vocal  games and improvisation with groups of up to 40. This is particularly appropriate for remote locations without power.
  • Theatre workshops, including forum theatre and improvisation techniques with groups of 20.

Videos of  performances and productions from each workshop can be uploaded as a lasting record of culture and as a tool for future collaboration between different communities, regions and countries, in addition to distribution to local and national media. The route of the Vocal Motion Euro Tour is flexible, and will be defined by partner organisation location.

The www.vo-mo.org website will provide an interactive map, updates and links to each step of the project.

If your  organisation is involved, your logos and marketing materials will be featured and linked  to on the tour website, a good opportunity to also raise the profile of youth culture programs Europe wide. Groups and individuals are also encouraged to join in with the tour by cycling the first and last legs of each tour stop.

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Tour site under development: Vocal Motion